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PVC | March 2, 2015

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2013 USAC/MASS Fair Hill XC Race Report

2013 USAC/MASS Fair Hill XC Race Report
Pete Dailey
  • On April 29, 2013

ELKTON, MD — The Bike Line did a great job hosting the Fair Hill XC this past weekend- PJ and I had a blast, and we highly recommend it- for all levels of riders. While we were there, we received a lot of kudos from wide variety of folks for Greenbrier this year. Folks really appreciate Potomac Velo for our professionalism in hosting the event. The Fair Hill atmosphere was actually very similar to Greenbrier: a similar turnout (600+), Mid Atlantic Timing, good vendors and good/organized field parking.

The main differences were a very confused staging and starting regime, and the race start of 1.5 miles of dusty gravel road with speeds in excess of 30mph- funneling into a deep stream crossing before you hit the single track. The size of the Cat 2 groups were just enormous, and they were calling up groups randomly through the crowd which meant a lot of jostling around and confusion prior to the starts.

Race Wise
PJ got off to a great start- but 1.5 miles in, he flatted and broke spokes in the deep stream crossing (how do you even do that) and he DNF’d. He basically did all the most stressful parts of the race and then could not enjoy the fruits of his efforts- doh! I hit the single track in around 10th of 45 (almost totally gassed in 1.5 mi), but was able to work my way up through the flowy stuff to finish 4th.

The Fair Hill course is very smooth and flowy with short hill climbs, a few roots and lots of places to ride really fast- so we did! It was a lot like Rosaryville in many respects.

As an aside-I’m really proud of Eric Marshall (un affiliated/ex PVC?) from our area and who is in my Cat/age group. He really took it to the locals in a last miute sprint- with only 3/100 of a second seperating THE TOP 3, followed by me in 4th- about a minute behind them. I actually had whole seconds on the racers behind me! : )

Overall, we had a great experience and are looking forward to returning to Fair Hill for the MASS XC Finals on 8/17/13.

Next up, the Iron Hill XC- woo hoo!

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